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Are you feeling “stuck” – unsure how to move your projects forward, or take the next step in your career? Do you want to change your patterns, strengthen your relationships, and become a better leader? Do you feel as though you set goals, only to watch them fall by the wayside?

As an Executive Coach, I help you discover what you need in a job to be truly happy – and help you strategize a career path to get you where you want to go. Together we work on changing the habits and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from the life and career you want. By using the strengths you already have, we help you achieve your goals.

Our results come through:

  • Clear strategy

  • Achievable goals

  • Action plans

  • Consistent focus

  • Intensive support

  • Accountability

MASTERY Executive Coaching is for:


…who want to improve their performance, build better relationships, increase their influence in the workplace, and inspire others to do the same.


…who are at a crossroads in their career, or interested in making a transition to a “second act".


…that want to support their leaders, motivate their teams, and foster a healthy workplace culture. They recognize that their success is linked to the success and growth of the people working within them.

In our coaching sessions you’ll:

  • Examine your core values and how you identify success

  • Tap into your talents and strengths to achieve results

  • Learn how to develop effective strategies, set and achieve goals

  • Learn to communicate clearly and build better relationships

  • Increase your confidence and skills as a leader, and learn how to improve your team’s focus, motivation and culture

  • Create and implement a plan that will take your career to the next level

Get the support and skills that will take your goals and career to the next level



Authentic leadership and emotional intelligence (EI) are in-demand skills that motivate teams, resolve conflict, and fully engage workforces. As a leadership coach, I work with clients to help them strengthen their EI, broaden perspective, uncover blind spots, challenge, and change behaviours. Together, we work to develop the skills, capabilities and confidence that will unlock your potential and make you an influential and inspiring leader in the workplace.

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CAREER Coaching:

When clear goals and a plan to achieve them are combined with consistent support and accountability, we gain the structure we need to move forward in life. Together, we will work to clarify your vision, establish your goals, and create and implement the plan that will help you advance your career, make a transition, or start a second act.



I help you to identify and understand the unique value that you bring to any situation. We work together to identify the issues that are most important to you and the limiting beliefs that don’t serve you. With focus and intention, hard work and the willingness to grow and change, you can achieve your goals.

  • Strengths-centered
  • Goal-oriented
  • Accountable
  • Focused

“What distinguishes great leaders from merely good ones? It isn’t IQ or technical skills. It’s emotional intelligence: a group of five skills that enable the best leaders to maximize their own and their followers’ performance”.

— Daniel Goleman

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As a Vancouver-based executive leadership and career coach, I love the moment when a client’s perspective shifts and they start to see possibility, get unstuck, and move forward.

Not only did Jen motivate me to dream big, but the homework she assigned me gave me the vision and tools I needed to launch a brand new music school. If you are willing to take the next step and put in the hard work of planning and executing your dream project, then Mastery Executive Coaching is for you. Do yourself a favour and connect with Jen today - you will be investing in yourself!

— Danny

Before I started coaching with Jen, I was working on a few projects, both personal and professional and felt both burned out and like I wasn’t making much progress. Jen was so helpful in designing a short-term program for me and provided continual guidance in terms of how much time to put in at each stage and how much progress could be expected. I think what changed the most for me was the fact that she always brought a strength-based perspective to the challenges I was facing — and it was just the perspective I needed. I felt energized by my time working with Jen and found renewed enthusiasm for my goals. I left with resources that will enable me to continue coaching processes both with myself and my clients.

— Dayna

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